[活动召集] Skate around the Qinhai Lake in 2017(2017青海湖活动日程英文版)

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    Skate 365km around the Qinghai Lake
    Skate 365, 2017 Edition

    Arranged every summer since 2012, Skate 365km around the Qinghai Lake Skate 365, in short is the unique week longnon-competitive long-distance inline skating event in China. There is no timing,the target is just to enjoy skating and the landscapes of the Tibet Plateau,and the most beautiful Lake scenery in China.

    Skate 365 is a long-distance inline skating event, however, everyone is free to select their skating group, speed anddistances .  

    In this event we are not competing against the clock. We are enjoying the skating and the scenery. There will be skatersof varied skill levels participating and we all want to enjoy skating at speed enjoyable for ourselves.

    Different skating groups allow you to choose the skating speed between 15 to25 km/h. You can change group wheneveryou feel like it. The service bus following the skaters all the time enables you to choose the number of skating days as well as the daily skating distance,according your feeling and weather conditions. The organizers will take care of accommodation and meal arrangements, so that you can concentrate fully onskating.

    When and where will Skate 365 take place?
    Skate 365 in 2017 will start on Thursday 20th July, 2017 in Xining City, Qinghai Province, Northwest  China, and end on Tuesday 25th July, 2017. Thetotal skating distance is about 365 km, with daily skating distances between 50 and 80 km.

    Can I participate?
    Skate 365 is a skating event for every skater. Previous experience of several day skating tours is not necessary. To join the event you only are able to skate 50 km a day at your own speed, and beable to enjoy a vacation week among other skaters.

    The only important consideration for you is altitude stress, because Xining City and Qinghai Lake is in the Tibet Plateau with 2000 to 3000 meters above sea level. So please consult with your  doctor before registration.

    What does it cost? And what is included?
    The participation fee will be 2500 CNY, (200-300Euro) including followings:
    • accommodation and meals for 5 days, (22th -26stof July)
    • bottled water and snacks
    • the services of the bus following the skaters all the time, and transportation of your equipment during the skating,
    • one T-shirt with event logo,
    • one speed skate Lycra skin suit,
    • one set of 110mm or 100mm speed wheels,
    • insurance for 5 days,
    • event services charge,
    • Certificate for the event,
    • donation for poverty school students (30 CNY)

    What is the accommodation and food?
    Accommodation including meals are booked bythe organizers utilizing affordable and different places by the route. I.e.during some nights we will stay at a hotel with twin room and private bathroom ,but some other nights we will stay in Mongolian tents without hot shower.

    Our service bus is following the skaters all the time giving water and maybe some snacks (fruits, biscuits,) during thebreaks.

    How to make registration?
    Simply send me an email with following personal details:
    Full name:
    Date of Birth:
    Contact Number or Email:

    Hope to see you in summer 2017. More detailed information will be supplied upon requires.

    Contact with Skate 365 organizing team:  
    John XU
    Phone: +86 I38O 119 7879 (please text him during working hours)

    For details about Qinghai Lake, please viewthe following linkage:

    For details about the event, please viewthe following Linkage(only in Chinese)

    ITINERARY of 365 Skate (2017 Edition)

    Qinghai Provinceis a desolate mountainous area located on the northeastern part of the Tibetan Plateau. Three of Asia’s best-known rivers originate in these mountains – the Yellow River (Huang He) originates in the middle of the province, while thetimeless Yangtze and the mighty Mekong have their sources in the southwestern part. Although it serves mainly as the domain of nomadic Tibetan herdsmen,there are over 33 ethnic groups represented in the province.
    Qinghai Lake isthe largest salt-water lake in China, with an area of 4,635 square kilometers! Its name means “teal-green sea”. It is located about 100 km west of the provincial capital of Xining at 3,205 m (10,515 feet) above sea level, in a depression ofthe Tibetan Plateau. Twenty-three rivers and streams empty into Qinghai Lake,which teams with fish in the summer!
    This 365K Skate will circum navigate the lake. The high altitude, the area’s stark beauty, the mixture of culture and natural history, and limitless photographic opportunities, will make this a trip to remember!  

    Elevation range:3100 to 3300 meters
    Terrain: Flat, rolling
    Skate level:Moderate; vehicle-supported
    Total skate distance: Approximately 365 km
    Average distance skating per day: Up to 73 km
    Traffic: Heavy traffic is expected in some sections.

    Day-by-Day Itinerary

    Day 1:  Thursday 20thJuly, 2017
    Xining Airport/ Xining hotel
    Pick up from airport of Xining, the capitalof Qinghai Province.  We will be met andgreeted at the airport, and then go to downtown of Xining, check into the Lete Youth Hostel (address: F.15-16, Building 5, International Village Apartment, Jiancaixiang, Xining)

    Hotel address in Chinese: 西宁理体青年旅舍(西宁市建材巷国际村公寓5号楼15-16)

    20:00 Briefing of the event

    (accommodation and meal cost of tonight exclusivesfrom registration fee)

    Day 2:  Friday 21thJuly, 2017
    Sightseeing (vast area of beautiful yellow rape flowers ) at Menyuan Country

    08:00 We will be going to the Xinning Square to practice skating in pace line
    10:00 We will board our bus to go to Menyuan Country for sightseeing
    14:00 We arrive at Menyuan Country

    18:00 Welcome dinner

    (accommodation and meal cost of today exclusivesfrom registration fee)

    Day 3:  Saturday 22thJuly, 2017 (B/L/D)
    Qinghai Lake, from start point to Heima(Black Horse) River , Skating distance: 72km
    6:00        board our bus to the start point of the event, and have breakfast on board.
    10:00       start skating around the Qinghai Lake at the start point of 2088km milestone of No.109 national high way.

    16:00    finish skating at the 2160kmmilestone, Jiangxigou

    Overnight in Mongolian tents (no hot shower available)

    After dinner we will enjoy a local needfire dancing party.

    Sunday 23th July,2017 (B/L/D)
    From Jiangxigou to BirdInland, distance: 133km
    6:00         see Sunrise over Qinghai Lake
    7:00         breakfast
    8:00         start skating
    12:00      lunch at lakeside
    13:00      the 5th Edition of Qinghai Lake Recreational Inline Marathon (42.195km). The skaterswho would not like to participate in the race, can skate at his/her own comfortable speed.

    Overnight at a hotel in Gangcha conty

    Day5 Monday 24th July,2017 (B/L/D)
    From Gangcha to Xihai Town (a cozy and tranquil town, its name means “western sea”)
    Skating distance 89km
    08:00       breakfast
    08:30       start skating, with 10km of steep slope
    Over night at a Tibet style hotel
    Enjoy grilled mutton at a Tibetan needfire dancing party

    Day6:Tuesday 25th  July, 2017 (B/L/D)
    From Xihai Town to Xining City, distance: 71km

    7:00         breakfast
    8:00         visit the A-bomb Museum (where China worked on developing its first atomic bomb), andWang Luobin Museum ( Wang was a renowned composer of Chinese folk songs)
    9:00      start skating
    16:00    arrive at the finish point: 2088km milestone, boarding our bus to Xining City
    19:00    farewell Party, certificate awarding, souvenirs distributing, celebrating our great accomplishment of skating around Qinghai Lake!  
    Overnight at the Lete Youth Hostel, Xining

    Contact person: John XU
    Tel: 0086 1380 1197879 (please text John during working hours)


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